Representation in Court, Tribunal and Board Proceedings

Service Description

Representation in Court, Tribunal and Board Proceedings

The advocacy and advice work Liston Legal is retained to undertake include:

  • Commercial and property disputes
  • Crime
  • Compensation claims
  • Professional negligence claims against doctors, lawyers and other professionals
  • Product liability claims
  • Insurance disputes
  • Estate litigation including disputed wills and claims for provision
  • Local government litigation
  • Environmental prosecutions and
  • Family and de facto disputes

The Process

The firm, through its experienced property and commercial solicitor, principal Bill Liston, can advise on and facilitate applications to council such as subdivision applications and building and development applications. We provide advice and representation in defending prosecutions by environmental authorities. Our experience in both acting for and against local councils and environmental authorities over many years ensures you will be competently advised and represented.

Legal Team

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Frequently Asked

Will my child custody dispute end up in court?

While the Family Law Act (1975) encourages couples and families who are engaged in disputes to use alternative methods other than court proceedings to come to a resolution, when relationships break down it can be very difficult for the parties to come to any form of agreement, despite the best efforts of Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners (FDRP) and others. This is especially the case when it comes to the ongoing care of children or issues surrounding access. These sorts of disputes can over time reach an impasse from which there is no way out other than court proceedings. There will continue to be mediation available during any court process, but if a matter cannot be settled during the course of the proceedings, a Judge will be required make a decision. When this happens, Liston Legal is here to help. We are well versed in family law, and have extensive knowledge of the specific requirements and procedures of these sorts of courts, particularly in sensitive child custody cases.

What is professional negligence and what action can I take?

If you have engaged a professional individual or company and the advice or services they provide result in financial loss, you may be able to claim professional negligence compensation. There are a range of professionals who can be pursued for compensation including (but not limited to): accountants; architects; builders; financial planners and advisors; IT consultants; legal practitioners; medical practitioners; real estate agents; property valuers; and veterinarians. As specialists in professional negligence claims, Liston Legal can advise you if your are unsure whether you have grounds for a claim, and will work wth you to secure compensation if you have sufficient evidence to support a claim. Compensation can take the form of legal costs, professional service expenses, and past and future financial losses.

What is NCAT?

The NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) is a government body established to resolve a range of disputes, such as consumer issues, workplace disputes, family matters, or issues relating to equal opportunities, as well as disputes that may arise with NSW government agencies. NCAT is a simpler, less costly and more efficient way of resolving disputes without the need for entering full court proceedings. At Liston Legal, we have extensive experience in successfully representing people in all four NCAT divisions: Administrative and Equal Opportunity Division; Consumer and Commercial Division; Guardianship Division; and Occupational Division.

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