Buying and Selling Businesses

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Buying and Selling Businesses

Bill Liston, the firm's principal, has advised on and drafted agreements relating to the purchase and sale of businesses, equipment and livestock for many years.

Partnership agreements, share sale/purchase agreements and advice on and drafting appropriate documentation for inter-generational property transfers are also part of Bill's regular legal activities.

The Process

The firm provides advice on and drafts relevant security documentation associated with the sale and purchase of businesses.

Our fees for providing these services are competitive and reasonable.

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Frequently Asked

Do I need legal advice when I buy a business in NSW?

While it can be highly rewarding, buying an existing business also brings with it a certain level of risk. This is why it is important to retain a business lawyer in the initial stages of the process, so that you can access the required levels of legal expertise and support. Liston Legal commercial and business lawyers will guide you at every stage of the process. This includes examining financial statements, carrying out due diligence, schedules of assets and register searches to ensure that the business you are considering purchasing is not encumbered or restricted in any way.

Do I need a lawyer in order to sell my business?

There are a multitude of factors to consider ahead of selling a business. For instance, how is the sale to be structured, and what is to be included? How are employees to be treated? What happens to any exisiting contracts with suppliers? You will also need to take into account commercial properties and leasing arrangements. Given the above, it is important to engage with experienced commercial lawyers like Liston Legal who can guide you through this process, ensuring that you take care of all legal obligations while also working to earn you the maximum return on the sale.

What business structure should I choose?

When you are setting up a new business in NSW, you have a range of different structures open to you depending on how your business is going to be run. Our experienced team of commercial lawyers at Liston Legal can assist you to explore the range of business structures open to you, and determine the correct one given your particular circumstances. We can advise you as to whether operating as a sole trader or as a partnership, establishing a company or setting up a trust is the best structure through which to move your business forward.

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