Mediation & Agency Representation

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Mediation & Agency Representation

Mediations require a different approach in ensuring a successful outcome for the client. Liston Legal's experience in appealing for parties to mediations ensures the firm's clients are competently represented.

We provide agency services for all court proceedings in Glen Innes and elsewhere in the New England region.

The Process

We also provide agency services for all property and commercial transactions in Glen Innes and elsewhere in the New England region. The firm's principal, Bill Liston, an experienced property and commercial lawyer with many years of legal experience in the New England, will represent your interests at any settlement, conference or meeting.

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Frequently Asked

What is family mediation?

When there are disputes in a family, whether it be between a couple or an entire, extended family, it can be difficult for the people involved to find a resolution with which everyone is satisfied. This can be especially problematic when it comes to divorce, or disputes over child custody and access. The heartache, confusion and sense of loss brought on by a family dispute can be heightened if the case ultimately ends up in court, as this can be stressful, time consuming and costly. At Liston Legal, we provide Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) services, a special family mediation process that helps couples and families to resolve their issues before reaching the stage of having to appear in court. While mediation will not be appropriate in every instance, we have extensive experience as family dispute resolution specialists, and can help you to reach the best possible outcome.

What are the benefits of commercial dispute resolution?

Dispute resolution will generally involve mediation, arbitration and conciliation as part of a process designed to prevent commercial disputes reaching court, as litigation can be costly, time consuming and cause reputational damage. At Liston Legal, we act for public and private companies, government agencies and individuals in a range of areas, including contract disputes, employment disputes, landlord and tenancy disagreements, and debt recovery, as well as matters pertaining to corporate governance and mergers and acquisitions. However, in some cases it will be necessary to involve a court if a resolution can’t be found, in which case Liston Legal can assist you in any proceedings.

What are Agency services and when do I need them?

In legal terminology, a Mention generally means that police will have filed charges against, but you are not yet required to enter a plea in the Magistrates’ Court. With a First Mention, a lawyer acting on your behalf as an Agent can request an administrative adjournment of the matter, without your being required to attend court in person. Liston Legal provides Agency services for all court proceedings in Glen Innes and the New England region of NSW. This can save you considerable time and effort on occasions when you are not required to appear in court in person, such as a First Mention in the Magistrates’ Court. Instead, an experienced solicitor from the Liston Legal team can be on hand to represent your interests at this initial stage of legal proceedings. We are available — at short notice, if required — for both criminal and civil matters.

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