Local Government and Environmental Law

Service Description

Local Government and Environmental Law

Liston Legal offers advice and representation in disputes with councils. Such disputes include issues arising from development consents (or the failure to grant development or building consent), demands by councils to undertake work including the removal of structures, defending council prosecutions and advising on whether proposed developments or activities are permissible under relevant planning laws.

The Process

The firm, through its experienced property and commercial solicitor, principal Bill Liston, can advise on and facilitate applications to council such as subdivision applications and building and development applications.

We provide advice and representation in defending prosecutions by environmental authorities.

Our experience in both acting for and against local councils and environmental authorities over many years ensures you will be competently advised and represented.

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Frequently Asked

What do I need to do if I am planning to build or renovate?

Before you can begin to build or renovate, you need to know whether you require local council approval for the work. The council will determine whether a development application (DA) is necessary based on a range of factors (these can vary depending on where in NSW you live). Things they will take into account when considering a DA include zoning regulations, the council’s Local Environment Plan, and Development Control Plans. A Development Control Plan (DCP) is used by a council as part of the assessment of development applications. It sets out regulations and controls pertaining to future developments in residential, commercial or industrial zones, with regard to height restrictions, parking facilities, trees and landscaping, etc.

What environmental obligations does my business have?

Businesses, companies, organisations and individuals in NSW all have environmental obligations. Not only is there legislation in place relating to the requirement to protect air quality, land and waterways, there are also guidelines about the plans you need to have in place to mitigate damage if an incident occurs, and for reporting incidents of environmental damage. If you are a Director or a Responsible Officer of a business or organisation in NSW, you should ensure that you are familiar with the most up-to-date legislation in relation to environmental laws, and what your obligations are. Liston Legal can advise you with regard to environmental planning and ensure that your organisation is fully compliant.

What is NCAT?

The NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) is a government body established to resolve a range of disputes, such as consumer issues, workplace disputes, family matters, or issues relating to equal opportunities, as well as disputes that may arise with NSW government agencies. NCAT is a simpler, less costly and more efficient way of resolving disputes without the need for entering full court proceedings. At Liston Legal, we have extensive experience in successfully representing people in all four NCAT divisions: Administrative and Equal Opportunity Division; Consumer and Commercial Division; Guardianship Division; and Occupational Division.

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