Wills & Estates

Bill Liston is the firm's principal and main wills and estates practitioner having advised on and prepared wills throughout his professional career.

Applications for probate and administration are an important part of the firm's practice under Bill's guidance and supervision and ably supported by Debbie Burton, the firm's experienced paralegal.

Drafting wills often requires a working knowledge of taxation and corporate law and an understanding of the willmaker's family background and circumstances.

Bill Liston's connection with the New England region for most of his life and his competent grip on succession legal issues equips him to undertake these tasks.

Our firm also offers advice and representation in wills and estate matters where there is a dispute about what the will means, whether the will has made adequate provision for all those claiming an entitlement under the will and whether the personal representatives appointed under the will have properly discharged their duties. There may also be doubts or a dispute about whether the willmaker had adequate capacity when he or she made the will.

The firm's fees are negotiable, reasonable and competitive.

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