Applying For Bail

17th Jul 2020

Bail means being allowed to go free in relation to the offence you are charged with. The decision can be made by a police officer after you have been arrested and given a notice to attend Court. This is known as ‘police bail’. You will h...

Advice for Drafting Your Will

20th May 2020

The Coronavirus Pandemic COVID-19 has prompted many to take care of estate planning. Nearly half of all Australians do not have a will, and for those who do, many are not up to date. Marriage, divorce, new family members, deaths may have all caused ...

First Steps in Civil Litigation

18th Feb 2020

At Liston Legal we regularly deal with civil cases, for both plaintiffs (claimants) and defendants. Civil proceedings can be started for many reasons including contractual disputes, claims for personal injuries as well as claims to recover money or ...